Elektra #11

STK662494This series is full of twists and turns, Fangirls. But by far the biggest surprise of Elektra, is that it just ended. Maybe that surprise is more on my part because I wasn’t paying attention to any sort of comic news update in which I could have been informed, but I didn’t hear any buzz in the comic shop or anything. I found out this comic was over when I just read this issue, with a note from it’s creators. I’m upset that it’s over, but mainly I’m just pissed with how they ended it.

It was an incredible issue, honesty. It used what really made a lot of this comic so great. These beautiful panels of Elektra fighting her ass off, gore upon gore, but with an inner dialogue narrating them, turning the deeper meanings of her fights in on herself. In this issue, Elektra faced the much anticipated fight against Bullseye. Practically raised from the dead and then enhanced by the Assassins Guild, it really looked like this was a match that Elektra couldn’t win. And she barely did. And also kind of didn’t.

The fight was pretty epic, lots of blood, lots of beat down on Bullseyes side, unfortunately. Elektra was dying. During all of it, she was talking about her tragic loss of a normal life, and most prominently, a normal death. She would not die the “normal” way. Cancer, heart attack, old age. She would die violently. If not in a fight, than with the wounds of her many battles. Not just physical, but mental as well. She talks of choking on the abundant blood of her many enemies and victims. The wrinkles on her face, scars of swords instead. In this moment, even more so than throughout the entire series, you really, really feel for Elektra. Reading this series, I just really wanted her to get out of this life. But of course, then she would not be Elektra, and Elektra could unfortunately never give this up. She knows no other way. Which is the most awful part of it. 4456482-2+elektra2014011_int2-1As she speaks about death, and how she is already so aged by her fighting, she is also actually dying. Bullseye has beat her to a pulp, and she is starting to near death. She tells herself over and over again to get up, to keep fighting. She sees Bullseye go to attack the little girl leader of the Guild that we met last issue, and tells her that he now plans to kill her and take over the Guild. Oh, brother. Elektra eventually does somewhat triumphantly get up, but only in time for the brothers of the Hand to arrive and continue to attempt to kick her ass, and save Bullseye. Elektra gets the skull of one of the brothers, who possesses the kiss of death, and makes it give Bullseye a little smooch. Except, he was also given the kiss of life, so he is then transformed into some weak limbo between the two. The remaining brother carries Bullseye off, while Elektra tries to fight off the Hand, and keep herself upright. Bullseye remains alive, Elektra remains alive, the fight is not over.

Suddenly, we are a bit later in the future. Elektra is all stitched up, S.H.I.E.L.D has virtually rebuilt her skull, and she is talking with Maria, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. She tells Elektra that every hero associated with S.H.I.E.L.D is on the look out for Bullseye and will destroy him any chance they get. But of course, that is very unlikely to happen. Elektra goes off to continue her life as Elektra, which then suddenly changes a bit in the last two pages.

The little girl who was leading the Guild is now in S.H.I.E.L.D custody. She has given her employees instructions to meet their new commander. The arrive to see Elektra, who tells them that she is not there to really lead, but to destroy the Guild. This is where the story, this series, ends. Umm, what?5buuh2I can’t believe that this series is over, and more so can’t believe it ended this way, with the biggest cliff hanger ever. You can’t just leave me like this, guys. The creators each give a little note at the end, officially stating that this is the end of the line, but they do mention a “for now”. I have no idea when this series or story will return, or under what circumstances, but I sure hope it does. I enjoyed this series much more than I thought I would, honestly, and felt like things were just getting started, despite all of the intensity that went on in these #11 issues.

Farewell, Elektra, I hope to see you very soon. I will at least in my dreams.



All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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