Appdicted: Pages by Apple

mzl.boajccxnI’ve stumbled into a pretty lovely little app, Fangirls. It does have some cons, but for the most part, this is a really versatile app that allows you to do a whole bunch right from your phone, and then do even more bunches from there. Letters, cards, notes, essays, even envelopes, anything you need to design, type up, brainstorm, or design, Pages has us covered from the comforts of Apple.

It’s a very straightforward app. You’re given a choice of templates, and from there customization and work is pretty easy. First of all, there are so, so many templates to choose from. There’s various types of essays, letters, cards, resumes, posters, all sorts of stuff. It’s pretty dang neat.

Some of the seemingly endless scroll of template options.
Some of the seemingly endless scroll of template options.

I love to use the notes template. Sure, there is already a simple notes app that comes with the iPhone, but this gives you a bit more to work with. You can bullet, create titles, and choose from a view different layouts for things. You can also add in images, graphs, and charts. I like to use all of the note templates features for planning out events or ideas, and also just for organizing simple to-do lists. image2 (4)

image1 (5)On this template, and all the others, you can adjust all sorts of things. The text size, font, color, placing, spacing, everything you could dream of. It’s really easy to tap a few buttons and get things looking exactly how you want them.

image3 (4)However, Pages isn’t all talk (or text, that is). You can also make a bit more creative things like business cards or posters. It’s pretty easy, and you can use images right from your phone. The posters allow you to customize all sorts of things. I whipped up this mock poster real quick to demonstrate how rad and easy it is to use. I’m not very tech savvy. If I can pump this out right from my phone, any one can. Also please ignore my super cool typo in there, I had sleepy brain.

image4 (4)Once you’ve typed up a research paper, or completed a sign for your garage sale, you’ve got a whole lot of options on what to do. you could email it, message it, keep it right there on your phone, send it to the Cloud, or sync the whole app right to Cloud so everything is always every where. Pages makes it super easy for everything to be accessible.

image6 (4)

I’m loving this app, Fangirls. It’s great for organizing thoughts, organizing parties & their invitations, and working on a few things right from the comfort of your phone. My only complaint is that though the app is easy to navigate and straightforward in it’s controls, they’re still a bit hard to use sometimes. I’ll tap, tap, tap, on the screen trying to grab a picture or text box before it cooperates. Some of the controls that we have become accustomed to using with cellphones, like sliding our fingers to make something larger or zoom in, work a bit differently, which cause some confusion. A lot of that stuff though, gets solved with time and comfort with the app. The more I use it, the less these things will bother me.

This app is free, doesn’t take up much space, and is the biggest tiny help in your hand. Writing papers, pitching proposals, it’s a cinch with Pages, and you don’t even have to break out the laptop or head to your desk. It’s all right there in your hand. Bam. The future. So, get to downloading, Fangirls!












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