On: Supergirl Series Trailer

1425677969_supergirl-zoomI was going to write about something completely different for this article, Fangirls, but then this happened. And I have so many feelings. I had no idea this trailer was happening yesterday, and honestly, I had no idea this series was happening. Sure, it makes sense with the sudden peak in superhero things hitting the home screens, but does the series itself make sense?

That’s a loaded question. This trailer is pulling me in all sorts of directions. I suppose we’ll start with the good things. This doesn’t look entirely all that bad. It looks somewhat funny, pretty charming, and a more down to Earth look at the real life of a superhero, rather than just beating up the bad guys. It seems like it will portray the life of Supergirl a little less like Supergirl, and a little more like Kara. Working a shitty job, eating noodles on the couch, then waiting to see herself of the news once she takes the leap to become Supergirl. It seems to focus more on the personal life stuff, rather than the actiony stuff. Unfortunately, that also means a lean more towards the rom com side of things. Sigh.

Here’s my problem, Fangirls. Why does it seem like one of the only television series about a female comic book character have to be like this? They could have kept it all dark and action packed. They could have had it be like Arrow, all shadowy and ass kicking. But no, it just happens to be that the female lead gets the show about a “girl” struggling in the city to find herself. Sure, this could be an opportunity for young girls to see women in action, being superheroes just like guys can be. However, they’re still not seeing them in an equal light. There’s no doubt, this show is different from all the other shows. What is also different, is that there’s a female lead. Young girls who need shows like this, are going to pick up on that stuff. This isn’t bringing us up to their height, or leveling things out. This is still keeping things separate. This show doesn’t seem like it’s going to help anything.

However, I could be wrong. This is what I gather from the preview that was released last night. I do applaud them for using the “It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s not a man” slogan, I think that actually isn’t too shabby. Still, this preview isn’t giving me a lot to appreciate. However, it’s not giving me a lot to hate on either. The true feelings, the true review, will come in the fall, when this series arrives.


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One thought on “On: Supergirl Series Trailer

  1. I really liked it. Or maybe I was just really happy to see a woman with superpowers in action. When they showed the action bits, it looked really good, but you’re right, there is a lot of romcom elements. I’m okay with the show being brighter than Arrow because it fits the tone of the Superman mythos. Really, the one thing that bothers me is how quickly they made it look like she gave up. One guy tells her to stay in the kitchen and she gets all weepy on the couch? I don’t buy it. Other than that, I’m pretty jazzed.

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