Feminerd: Stigma / Stereotypes of Food & Beverage

high-quality-sandwich-scans-by-jon-chonko-scanwiches-3I’m sure we’ve all noticed this. It isn’t new to me, but recently it just seems to be everywhere. Gender roles are so fucked, it’s even all mixed into what we eat and drink. Women eat this, men eat that, if you switch them up, it’s just weird. This is one of the most aggravating things to me. Sure, there’s more serious problems regarding gender that I could be concerned about, but this daily fight is something I just can’t ignore.

I started thinking about it more when talking with friends the other day. A close friend of mine was talking about a guy she had dated, and said that when they would go out, she would always order a beer, and he would order a vodka redbull. She said that he would always feel emasculated by the whole thing. That was just so silly to me, and to her as well, for the record. These are drinks, we’re talking about. People like the taste of certain things, why the heck does it matter who is ordering it?

I ran into the same exact situation in a Buzzfeed video I saw the other day. Two people sat at a bar, one man and one woman. The woman ordered a gin gimlet, and the man ordered a Lagunita’s, a brand of beer. When the drinks arrived, the two of them switched the drinks, so the woman had the beer, and the man the mixed drink. Sigh.  I don’t understand the problem with men being the ones who drink the beer, and the women wine or liquor.rosie I suppose it just follows the masculine / feminine rules of our genders. Beer is thought to be more hearty, simple, so therefore, it’s the manly drink. Wine is fruity, as can be mixed drinks, so that is thought to be the more feminine option. In reality, all this stuff has it’s own flavors, and everyone has their own flavors that they like, so they drink whatever the fuck the want. Let’s loose the stigma around alcohol, Fangirls, and get drunk off of whatever you please.

Of course, the same goes for food. You see it in every movie. Though, it’s normally a source of conflict, for the woman at least. She’s out to dinner with a fella, deciding what to order, she doesn’t want to seem ferocious, or, god for bit, fat, so she orders the salad, he orders the meat. Face palm, each and every time. My real question is; what purpose does any of this serve? There is no point to ordering something specific, something meant to be more appropriate to your gender or stature. It doesn’t get anybody any where, except maybe dissatisfied because they didn’t order the pasta. Life is a bit too short not to be going ham on the carbs, people.

We all know these notorious Beautiful Women Eating Salads ads. Ugh.
We all know these notorious Beautiful Women Eating Salads ads. Ugh.

For what it’s worth, people who think that we naturally enjoy the things that our gender as a whole is “meant to,” are bananas. I know this woman, she happens to be my girlfriend, who is 5’0, petite, and rather feminine. She drinks bourbon, neat, prefers hearty meals like meaty stews & big burgers, and likes her coffee black. So please, throw your gender norms out the damn window, and order what the hell you want from that menu. Choosing the salad and the chardonnay isn’t doing anything for anybody except empowering that gosh darn patriarchy.














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