Music: “I Know It’s a Good Thing” // Shamir

shamir_i-d_03Since summer seemed to come out of nowhere in upstate New York, I’ve been on the prowl for some new, essential summer tunes. Deep in a search with no luck, I recalled a song that was briefly on a playlist in my workplace. It was such a good groove, and I would wait for it to come on everyday so I could dance my work woes away. Luckily, I quickly found the song and have been shaking away any memory of winter blues since.

It opens with a little piano riff, then arrives this powerhouse falsetto voice from Shamir himself. Slowly, light beats and lush background vocal arrangements gather around it. The song lightly jams along until about half way through, when we return to just the vocals and the piano riff, until a massive groove drops in. A thumping beat, and a changed up, pounding piano riff grace our presence, and it’s nearly impossible to not bust a move. In this second coming of the song, Shamir’s vocals simply slay. He soars into amazing riffs and melodies like the the lines that deliver almost unbearable rocking out from 2:35 to 3:27.

The jamming of this song is irresistible. It’s that perfect track for an in-car dance party, or a regular dance party that is probably bound to happen for us all this summer. Of course, all of Shamir’s music goes this hard and gives us that perfect playlist for summer thrashing. If you get as addicted to this track as I have, be sure to also check out “Call It Off” and “On The Regular”, a more rap oriented song that goes all out and displays what Shamir is really all about.

If you’re looking for that song, and I mean that song, to repeat your whole road trip to vacation-land, look no further than “I Know It’s a Good Thing”. The “good thing” is no doubt this song, Fangirls.













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