Inked by Eric Smith

A couple weeks back, I got the digital copy of Eric Smith’s new young adult novel Inked.  For some reason, I wasn’t expecting much from it.  I was wrong.


Inked is the story of Caenum, a boy who is of age to become Inked.  The thing is, he doesn’t want to do it.  Inking is a tradition where young adults are tattooed with a magical ink that explains what it is they are to do with their lives.  The day before Caenum is to be inked, an explosion injures and kills several of the scribes.  The youngest of the scribes, Kenzi, is found near Caenum’s house.  Caenum’s grandmother sends the two boys off to save themselves; Kenzi has a magic different from that of the Ink, and he will be pursued by the Citadel for his power.

Kenzi takes down the villagers who attack them, and head back in the morning to find that Caenum’s house is destroyed, and he watches his grandmother die.  They go to his neighbor’s house, to find the two adults dead and Dreya, the daughter, nowhere to be found.  Eventually they find her, and the three head off to an area where conduits like Kenzi, and Unmarked like Caenum can be safe.

The book follows their many troubles and triumphs, along with Caenum’s discovery of his own power.  It’s quite a fascinating universe Smith has created; complete with names and powers different from what I’ve ever read.  I really liked the way the Ink science was explained, and the eventual rebellion.  It’s unique and phenomenal, and something all of you should pick up.  Clocking in at only 345 pages, its a quick and easy read.

For you Fangirls and Fanboys who love the magic of Harry Potter, the other-worldliness of Narnia, and the rebellion of the Hunger Games, Inked is the book for you.  Go check it out, and while you’re at it, check out Smith’s other book, the Geek’s Guide to Dating!










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