Batwoman #37

Batwoman-37It’s been so long that it feels almost unnatural to say, but this issue wasn’t so bad, Fangirls. Surely, it wasn’t very good, but it was bearable. Unlike the last stretch that I couldn’t read fast enough. What makes this issue okay is that it clears up a lot of what has been awful and confusing about the last few issues. That whole space issue, just makes slightly more sense now.

This issue fills in a few gaps that have come up in the last few issues. That whole odd team up in space a few issues ago is starting to take form. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. When we left off, Etrigan was about to attack a naked doctor guy in his shower. Batwoman arrives to confront the conflict, save the guy, like a good vigilante. But before things get too heavy, the two realize something isn’t right. Batwoman realizes that Etrigan isn’t an enemy, but fighting a common one; those exploding monk guys from a few issues back. The two end up teaming together, and going to search for these villains and some more answers. BW-37-p3-georges-jeantyBefore this, there’s a page or two where Batwoman is being that new evil self of hers, and attacks some random woman. She tells her that her issue with Natalia must be over, or else. It’s clear now that this evil side of Batsy is stemming from the odd sex she’s been having with Natalia, and that Natalia has bitten her and is slowly transforming her into some evil bitch. No way, Natalia. But have no fear, Etrigan is, somehow, on the case. While they’re heading out to face these monk guys, he sense some evil within Batwoman, he says that it is taking root, and that she needs to clear it out before it’s too late. Suddenly, the “bond” between Natalia and Batwoman is broken. Thank goodness. I really hate this little plot anyway, and Natalia bothers me. Hopefully, we don’t see much more of her after this issue.

During this issue, there’s a whole little subplot going on with a bunch of random characters. These dudes break into a house, steal a medallion looking thing, and then head out. Later, these cop looking guys pick up a creature that looks a lot like Clayface. I know, I’m giving a lot of solid details here. My apologies, this comic is so very unclear. They pick up this Clayface fellow, and tell him that they need his help. Except they don’t and they’ve actually just captured him. They freeze him, and bring him to a room full of people. They’re all chanting around the frozen Clayface in some sort of tongues or something, and suddenly, the clay breaks open to reveal the one and only Morgan Le Fay. Oh jeez. 10841727_941082625909983_185103066_nEtrigan said this might happen. That is what he was trying to avoid, in fact. He said these robed people were trying to bring her back. Looks like he and Batsy didn’t crack that case in time. I’m not fairly certain where any of this is going, however, all of the characters present in this issue, were present in that random space issue. Now, that’s not so random. How they get to space, or why they’re there, I am not sure. Also, why they’ve created this plot in such a backwards, gap filled way is beyond me. I’ll just let them do their thing, I’m slightly less mad at these creators now that something is at least coming together a little bit. Thank goodness. However, this is a whole big plot they’re getting into with only three issues left in this entire series. I don’t have much hope for this all resolving clearly, Fangirls.














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