Dead President’s Lounge

oSo, I want to tell you all about this wonderful tattoo clinic in Albany, NY where I will probably go for all of my tattoos from now on based on my one experience.

I got my Deathly Hallows tattoo on my arm (Emily and I match now) at this place based on my friend’s high review and I was not even a little disappointed! The atmosphere is really inviting as you walk up the stairs with nice smells and neat decorations.

The staff is really friendly whether they be your artist or the person behind the desk, they want to make sure that you are happy with your experience and love the art they have put on your body.

15763_1029441340403951_6382524609769233137_nMy artist was Krystal, and she was awesome. Even though it was a simple design, I said I wanted it to look “sketchy” and she took that in the perfect direction that I wanted. The prices aren’t terrible either. You pay for quality work.

This is in addition to the very important detail you want from a tattoo shop, its clean! I would suggest going there for any of your tattoo needs if you’re in the Albany area!

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