Spiderwoman #6

STK667729It’s been a bit since we’ve checked in with the new super chick kicking butt and taking names, Fangirls. When we last left Spiderwoman, she was getting really involved in a mysterious case of disappearances and terrible villain names. There was fishiness all around it. I had to dive back into this series to see what the heck was going to happen.

To be honest, not a whole lot this issue. It read rather quickly, and was mainly composed of a few dead end conversations. It opened in Jessica’s apartment, where she was holding the Porcupine, whom she had captured at the end of last issue, in hopes of getting more information about this mystery. His daughter had been taken, and he was performing these robberies in order to hear from her captures and be able to speak to her, and eventually get her back. The other victims of this mysterious group were all men, whose wives or daughters had been kidnapped. They all took on terribly themed aliases and a life of crime in hopes of getting there women back. Porcupine wasn’t able to give Jessica much information, so she sets out to find some of her own.

She speaks with two other “villains” who are in the same situation as Porcupine. The don’t budge on any information. They don’t necessarily deny that something is going on, but they offer up Spiderwoman a beat down before they offer up any information. While speaking to one of the, Spiderwoman gets a text telling her somewhere to go where she can get more details about this whole situation. When she gets there, she finds Urich, urging her to not go into this building she’s been summoned to. Seconds later, it explodes, along with her awesome motorcycle. That really bummed me out. Urich also has along with him Porcupine, whom he rescued from Jessica’s apartment. Together, they form a plan to get closer to the people running the secret organization of kidnappers.

The three drive over to the next drop location for Porcupine. It seems that they’re going to follow the drop box to see where it heads. Once he makes his drop, though, Porcupine is attacked by some of the other villains, the ones who are all in the same situation as him. They’ve gotten word that he is trying to involve superheroes, so they give him the beat down. The only thing is, that’s not Porcupine in that porcupine costume, it’s Spiderwoman. Spider-Woman-6-03However, they have no idea. They drag her into the subway, and seem to be bringing her back to wherever the headquarters of this operation is. Too bad for them, this syndicate is about to be shut down and have their asses whooped.

I’m enjoying this series so far. It’s pretty fast paced, just actiony enough, and I’m adoring Jessica’s witty, sassy humor. She’s quickly rising high in my list of favorite leading ladies. I encourage all you Fangirls out their to get in on this Spiderwoman action before things get to deep, I have a feeling things are about to get extra real.












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