The Flash: “Fast Enough”

TheFlashFinale_1600Hoooooooly shit, the Season 1 Finale of The Flash, “Fast Enough” was monumental and left us in a very interesting place in that it’s hard to know what will be happening in the coming season. 

This episode saw a number of insane things. The Flash pushed past Mach 2 (about 1500 960mph) and was able to tap into the Speed Force more than he ever had in the fact that he was running so fast he could see his entire timeline before he was able to focus with the help of Eobard (Dr. Wells) to travel back to the night his mother was killed to save her. This was achievable by a deal that was made with Eobard that if he helped Barry travel back, the STAR Labs team would build him a time capsule to travel through the ensuing wormhole created by Barry travelling back so he could get back to his own time.

When Barry got back to the past, he would have 1 minute and 52 seconds to save his mom and go back through the wormhole before it would need to be closed or risk creating a singularity and opening a black hole that could swallow not only Central City but, the entire Earth.

maxresdefaultUpon arriving in his old home, Barry comes upon the familiar scene of the Speedster battle between his future self and the Reverse Flash. As he watches the scene, The Flash’s future self turns to him and shakes his head no. Luckily, Barry listens to his self and stays in his old room, closing the door so he didn’t have to watch his mother get killed. The whole episode leading up to this moment has been littered with emotional talks about Barry’s life. He speaks to Joe about gaining a second father, and how changing his past would take that away. He struggles with the decision to go back the whole time. Eobard had told Barry back in the present, that he killed Nora Allen simply because he hated Barry at the time but, now looks on him with pride.

Barry is able to have a last moment with his mother, telling her he loves her. The Allen Family must believe in the impossible because, Barry doesn’t even have to explain how her adult son is in front of her eyes.

Back in the present, Eobard is preparing to leave, making a last attempt to reconcile with the team that he had actually grown to love. Just as he is getting ready to leave, Jay Garrick, the original Flash’s helmet comes flying through the wormhole and Eobard says that its “his queue to leave.” This suggests that not only did Barry punch a hole through time but, also space. Even though Jay Garrick is kind of silly looking in 2015, it will be exciting to see if he shows up but, even the idea of travelling different dimensions is very cool.

fla123a0159bjpg-4aa869_624wJust then, The Flash comes flying back through the wormhole with a fist clenched, blasting through Eobard’s time sphere with a super sonic punch. The STAR Labs team is able to close the wormhole while The Flash and the Reverse Flash battle it out in an intense, superspeed fight, this time for keeps. The Reverse Flash is about to kill The Flash as he pins his to the wall when a gunshot is heard, and The Reverse Flash falters, falling back to regular speed. At first, you think somebody shot him but, when the camera switches, it was Eddie who shot himself. He finally got to be the hero that he wanted to be, as he explains to Iris while he dies in her arms. Eddie dying erases Eobard from existence, which begs the question of where this will leave us since Eobard is why Barry become The Flash in the first place. Will everything he ever did be erased since he technically never existed? Int the closing moments of the finale it didn’t seem as though he was forgotten.

The finale ends with the singularity forming regardless of the fact that they were able to close the wormhole in time. It sucks in everything around it, including Eddie’s body (which I suspect since they drew specific attention to that, it might mean he isn’t gone for good). Barry thinks quickly on his feet and explains that he can close it the same way he stopped the tornado in the first episode, just upside down. Despite everyone’s objections, saying its impossible, Barry Allen believes in the impossible. He runs up the rubble being sucked into the black hole above the city, running around it. The episode ends with The Flash running toward the screen, leaving us to wonder if he succeeded.

The episode was more intense than words can even justify to be honest and I am so ridiculously pumped for the next season!

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