Let’s Talk About: Exercising Your Vagina

vagerciseIf you recall, a few weeks ago I discussed sex as exercise. It was about the ways sex is great for your body, and can be a great physical work out. Now, there’s a whole other part of “sexercise,” that regards exercise for sex, rather than sex for exercise. It pertains to a lot more things regarding your health, both sexually and generally. Today, we’ll take a look at the many ways to tone up your vagina specifically, it’s many benefits, and how that’s not as weird as it sounds.

Maybe you’ve all heard of things like kegels. They’re one of many types of exercises that benefit our vaginas. The line isn’t drawn at kegels, but we can certain begin there. Kegel exercises are the act of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that together form the pelvic floor. Kegels do also exist for men, and are not solely a female exercise, however, today, we’re focusing on the vagina. There are a whole host of things that weaken the pelvic floor; Aging, pregnancy, childbirth, especially c-section births, and excessive weight. The weakening of these muscles can cause a lot of problems, but luckily, they’re very fixable with a little work. Kegels can be performed naturally, and just because I like you so much, and because it’s important, I’ll give you a little step by step on performing your very own kegels. How exciting!kegels1. Find your pelvic floor, or “kegel” muscles. You’ve probably already done this without realizing it, so you’re already on your way towards being a kegel pro. To find the muscles, go to the bathroom and pee. Stop your pee midstream. If you’re able to do so, you’ve found the right muscles. Those muscles we use to allow our pee to stop and go are the muscles that make up the pelvic floor.

2. There’s a technique to this stuff, though. You can’t just flex your muscle like crazy, you’ve got to pace yourself and get a routine, just like doing any other sort of exercise. Empty your bladder, then lay on your back on the floor or on a bed. Tighten those kegel muscles for five seconds, then relax them for another five seconds. You’ve done your first kegel! Congrats, Fangirl. Now, keep doing this about five times in a row. Your goal will be to do it for 10 seconds at a time, then relax for 10 seconds.

3. Pro tips! Focus when you’re doing this. You want to make sure that you’re tightening the pelvic floor muscles and not the ones around it, such as the butt, thighs, or abs. It’s all about the vag. Also, be sure to breathe during, holding your breath will just stress you out. Relax. For optimal vagina strength, do sets of 10 kegels 3 times a day. It’s a lot, but I believe in you, and your vagina will thank you later.

Now, a lot of the problems that kegels can help fix are also fixable in a few other methods. It’s okay if these problems have already been going on, you can still reverse them by flexing those cooch muscles. Properly exercising your vagina can help reduce the risk of incontinence, uterus prolapse, and can lead to better, more frequent orgasms. So, if making you healthier isn’t enough to get you to do these, then surely the idea of more intense, easier to achieve orgasms will. However, if kegels aren’t you thing, I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve for exercising that all important muscle.

Vaginal weightlifting doesn’t even seem like a real thing, right? But we are very wrong. Vaginal weightlifting is very much a real thing, and very effective in building up those muscles that need building. You work out all of your other muscles, right? So there’s no reason to leave your vagina out of the equation. It’s actually very important that you don’t. The most confusing, at first, part of this is the how. It’s very simple, actually. You insert an object made for vaginal weightlifting, most commonly a smooth, jade stone egg into the vagina. To that egg, you’ll attach a pouch, or other object, that your vagina will then flex to hold. Let it hang out there, or do some other exercises to allow the muscles of the vagina to flex and be worked out. To better explain this, and to give you a better visual, I’ll turn to sex coach, Kim Anami, who stopped by Buzzfeed to teach some of there female employees about the wonders of vaginal weightlifting.

How about that, Fangirls? It’s pretty neat stuff. It’s also very easy, will only get easier, and easy to work into your daily routine. Every woman should always be making time for their vagina, anyway. So, go forth, Fangirls! Flex those pelvic floor muscles, tone up that cooch, and undoubtedly see results in your health and sexual performance.













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