She Hulk #12

4388458-shehulk2014012_dc11-0Oh, Fangirls. The time has come. This issue of She Hulk, marks it’s very last. At least for this run. Of course, this isn’t the end of She Hulk as we know it. That would be truly tragic. However, it is the end of She Hulk has we know her here. It’s been an excellent 12 issue run, that I’m content with. But before we get to the whole series ending thing, we’ve got some conflicts to resolve.

And boy, are they resolved. As you may recall, the end of issue #11 brought down the house when it was revealed that Nightwatch was behind the whole blue file fiasco. We’re brought into issue #12 with a flashback, recounting what really happened that day the caused the blue file to exist. Mind you, all this time, we’ve had no idea what the heck all of this was even about. Someone called Nighteater was creating a large spell to destroy an entire city, along with a few other d-list villains. Right before the spell was to be enacted, She Hulk showed up with Tigra, and Captain Marvel (who looks a whole not like Captain Marvel, by the way). They’re about to lay the smack down when bam, the whole city just disappears. Along with the memory of what the heck was just going on for everyone except Nighteater, who is really Nightwatch, of course. Everyone carried on with their lives, and Nightwatch just did the whole thing so he could redeem himself and be good person, a good hero. 1aj7jgzSo, how does the blue file exist? There was one survivor of the whole thing. One man that She Hulk had saved right before the city disappeared. He filed a lawsuit, it got lost away somewhere because no one else had any memory of the incident, but somehow, She Hulk found it and got wrapped into all of this. Naturally, She Hulk is pissed. She has had enough of Nightwatch, enough of his years of lies, he persuasion all this time, making everyone believe he was a good person, a good hero. She charges at him, ready to lay the smack down, when she suddenly stops. Nightwatch placed a spell on her, and now, she’s gunning for Hellcat instead. Nightwatch has got Hei Hei and Angie in a tight grip, and this looks like the bitter end for every body. When suddenly, Shocker to the rescue! Who the heck is Shocker? We don’t know. But he was one of the villains who had aided in the whole city disappearance so long ago. Angie had called him and explained what had happened, and now he’s pissed too. Angie breaks She Hulk out of her spell, and suddenly we get to have a We Hate Nightwatch Party. Heck yes. She Hulk lays the final, epic, beat down on Nightwatch but doesn’t kill him, of course, because good heroes don’t kill people.

3uqkt2Shulkie, Hellcat, and Angie all return to the office. Angie starts packing her things because, if you recall, Jennifer fired her out of nowhere one day. However, we now realize that was a spell that Jennifer was under via Nightwatch, and she begs Angie to stay. As she agrees, a case comes in for Jennifer. It’s from Jennifer’s former employers, stating that they’re sueing the Inhumans as a whole for damage sustained in an alleged attack by Medusa on the U.N. Jennifer Walters is the lawyer of the Inhuman race as a whole, because she’s just that awesome. She tells Angie to respond to them with a simple, four word letter.

“See you in court”

That, my Fangirls, is the end of the Marvel Now She-Hulk series. What a ride it’s been. It’s odd to think that we’ve been dealing with this blue file problem from nearly day one, and we just now learned what the heck it was all about. I think it’s a testament to how good and engaging this comic was that in the last issue, we learned the details of this conflict. They kept us hanging the whole time. job well done, Marvel. Farewell, Shulkie. We’ll miss you dearly.

Hold me, friends.














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