Slaycation Playlist

slayOh yes, you read that right, Fangirls. Your girl is going on a real vacation in a few weeks, and some prep is much needed. By prep, I mean the perfect playlist of course. Where I’m headed to is nearly five hours away, and one of my favorite things to do for road trips is create a set of tunes that will play for the entire ride, as close to the minute as I can get. So, after taking a good chunk of time to make this, I present to you: The Slaycation Playlist.

When you’re in the car for that long, you can really stick to one type of music or one theme. The theme just has to be real good music. I like to go with more upbeat music for driving, songs that will keep me grooving and bopping along happily until I arrive at my destination. I can easily wave off bad traffic and rude drivers when I’m listening to anything from Beyonce to Bleached kill it.

In the Slaycation playlist, you’ll hear a whole lot of things. I used my driving playlist as a base, then added on about 50 more songs. I needed to fill about five hours, so I grabbed anything I know that I love. The key to making a playlist of this sorts, where you’ll be listening for a while, is to keep it interesting. I do this by throwing in my favorites from all over the genre spectrum, and also throwing in great songs or artists that I might not have listened to in a while or very often. If you make a big long playlist of all of your current jams, you might get a little tired of it after a while. You don’t want to be skipping around, you want to keep your ears happy & busy with shimmering tunes. So without further ado, feast your ears on this bad boy:

T H E  S L A Y C A T I O N  P L A Y L I S T 

Now, everything on this playlist might not be your cup of tea. So, I encourage you to make some plans, book some hotels, fill up your tank and hit the highway to your vacation destination. Then, you can make your own ultimate playlist for driving out to your vacation-land. Add up those songs until the last minute of your road trip to where ever it is you’re going. Hell, make one that lasts for the entire time your there. Days of endless grooving. But don’t be greedy, Fangirls! Of course once it’s made, you have to share it with us here on the site, or on our Twitter or Facebook. I pine to hear the sounds of your fabulous slaycation.













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