Appdicted: Untappd

image1 (6)Mothers can teach us so much, Fangirls. And now in this great age of moms on the internet, there is no stopping them. My mother was eager to show me her latest app obsession, and once downloaded, I could see why. If you often appreciate a lot of fantastic, unique, craft beers, this is the only app you’ll need to have on hand.

I come from a family of beer snobs. Some may turn there nose at us for that reason, but we can’t help turn or nose at there Coors Lite. Life is too short to not be drinking incredible beer, Fangirls, and Untappd is the perfect way to begin your journey into craft brews. It’s Facebook, meets Foursquare, meets the vast world of beer.

Let me take you through an experience on this fantastic app. So, you’ve got a beer in front of you. One that you have hand selected from a lovely draft menu, or perhaps your local brewery or beverage center. You’re going to try it and form your opinion, thinking of all the different qualities your picking up. You may share this opinion with the friends you’ve got right there, but little do you know there’s a whole community of people sitting right in your pocket, who will most likely appreciate hearing that opinion ten fold. So, you download Untappd, and check in your beer. You rate it out of five stars, perhaps leave a comment on it’s taste and/or how you feel about that, you may even snap a picture to go along with it. You could also check in your location, through a sync with Foursquare, something I find fun to know. There you have it, you’ve checked in a beer on Untappd. Not enough for you? Have no fear, fun awaits beyond just letting people know what you’re drinking. image5 (5)First of all, who exactly are you sharing this with? Friends, of course. Like-minded beer drinkers. Just like on Facebook, you can scroll through a feed of friends you’ve added, that will update with their latest check ins and how they think of them. You can easily search up friends on the app, or find people to follow through the nearby locator, or even on a global scale. See what people are drinking, where, and what they think about them. You can search up popular beers in your area, or brews that are popular in general, or even where to find a good beer or brewery in your area.

image4 (5)Untappd gets more fun that just checking in beers, though, Fangirls. What’s more fun than sharing all the delicious brews you’re trying? Getting rewarded for it. Untappd offers hundreds of badges for the beer you’re drinking. They have badges simply for the number of distinct beers that you’re trying, but they also offer more goal oriented badges. They may ask you to try 5 beers from a specific brewery, for a certain event, or of a certain style. Currently, I’m working on my Cerveza Matador badge, for which I have to try five Mexican beers. Try the beers, get a badge. It’s that easy, and that fun.

image8Untappd brings the term “social drinking” to a whole other level. It’s exciting to scroll through on the weekends to see exactly what everyone is drinking, and their thoughts on them. I often use the app to even search for good beers, bars, or breweries that I might like to try. For true beer enthusiasts out there, it is the ultimate playground.

So, get to downloading, Fangirls!

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