20140611191112!Teespring_LogoI recently bought a tank top from a site I had never heard of but, it is a really neat concept and there are some cool designs on there!

The site itself has really cool designs like this one:

ssWhich I am wearing as I type this. The site allows designers of t-shirts to create their design, set a goal for how many they would like to sell, and the site will print them for the designer when it reaches their goal, and they make a profit! It saves the designer from taking a loss on dozens of printed and unsold shirts.

The only thing I will say is that its sometimes a little confusing when it comes to reserving a shirt that hasn’t quite reached its goal because, you don’t get charged until the campaign reaches its goal and if it never makes it, you never get charged but, the email you receive is a little confusing, saying you can buy it anytime after it reaches its goal but, you’ve already bought one by reserving it!

But, once it gets printed and shipped, it arrives pretty quickly; mine arrived a full 2 weeks and then some before its original estimated date! The tank top felt a little small when I first put it on because I ordered a small which is what I usually wear in tank tops as opposed to the medium I wear in t-shirts but, after wearing it for a minute, it seemed to stretch out to a comfortable fit but, I do worry that it is not preshrunk cotton and will probably never be able to dry this shirt in a dryer.

Overall though, I would go back to the site, and it is definitely a good outlet for amateur or professional designers to sell their shirts.

All characters, images, and brand names are copyright of their original owners.


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