Lumberjanes Issue 6

Every time, Fangirls, this book gets me going. It gets me pumped about solving mysteries, girl power, and (of course) friendship to the max! I love these crazy ladies from Roanoke cabin, and I just want to hug them all and pat their heads.


This issue takes place mainly in the depths of battle. The Lumberjanes get all scuffed and scraped up with one goal in mind: capturing the flag. For a game, these ladies play hard. There are tackles, Mal-back-rides, the whole nine yards. It seems pretty normal (minus the intensities) until Diane does a weird disappearing trick that only Ripley sees, and then tags her and drags her to jail before she can tell anyone.

As the game goes on, Jo also gets captured by Diane while she’s trying to get rid of the fox eye amulet eye she’s been hiding. While she’s being brought to jail, Mal, Molly, and April devise a very elaborate plan to get to the jail and recuse Jo and Ripley, but they arrive just in time to see the jailbreak that Ripley put together.


Bubbles, Molly’s hat/raccoon, nabbed the flag while Ripley was in jail, and all seems well until Diane steps in and does some crazy magic stuff. She shouts about how she wants her bow back, that she wants Jo dead, and tries to stop the Lumberjanes from crossing the river to have successfully captured the flag, but Ripley pole vaults over her, and they win the game.

Diane gets her bow back after saying a little about what’s going on (like kind of mentioning that she’s fighting for powers with her brother). The campers are still confused about a lot, but hopefully Diane will do some explaining very soon.

I don’t know about you Fangirls, but I love the action of this comic. There is absolutely no “girls can’t do _______ because they’re girls,” it’s almost entirely the opposite. These women are kicking butt and riding Dinos, and I don’t think anyone can (or should) stop them.














All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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