Music: Forever is a Word // The Shivers

FX6BIlWI have been a passionate fan of the Shivers for about a year now. I listen to them weekly, never tiring of their amazing songs and honest song writing. I am in love with this band’s music. I was so in a swirl about their other albums that I didn’t even notice that they had released a new album back in February. I felt like a terrible fan, until I listened to the record. Then I just really felt bad.

On my first listen, at least. I was in the car on a long drive and went to turn on the band’s album “CHARADES” when I saw that something new was there. I got hyped. I started giving the album a listen, and something just felt off. Maybe it was the abundant electronic drums, or the random sound samples, but it didn’t sound like the same Shivers to me. I was instantly disappointed and didn’t even give the album a full listen. Days later, I became more disappointed in myself than in the album. I’m not one to shut music down so quickly, especially when it’s one of my favorite bands. So, I put on some headphones, sat alone in my room, and gave it another good listen. Then, Forever is a Word really came to me. moon-casaleSome of it may not be the same old Shivers that I fell in love with, but this really is a fantastic album. It’s incredibly cohesive. Zarriello’s vocals, which are really what endear me to this band, are really at their most stunning point on this record. The songs themselves have a deepness, a sort of tender coldness at the core of the arrangements. You’ll see what I mean on the title track, “Forever is a Word”. That effortless and soulful guitar, that has always been present in their music, carries throughout all of the songs. It really shines in the song “More Gray Than Green”, with melodies and riffs that are so good they really get into your soul and twist it around. It’s just like buttah’.

Deep under some of the new found electronic beats and odd air horn samples, it’s all the same, amazing Shivers stuff underneath. A whole lot of soul, just the right kind of groove, and honest songwriting. When you’ve been a band for a long time, I understand wanting to change things up a bit wit your sound, and I applaud the Shivers for taking a step in a different direction. They’ve pulled it off well, because I’m still listening.


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