Bubblegum Lip Scrub from LUSH


It’s really important to take care of your lips because we are constantly using and abusing them. I wear lipstick almost everyday so my lips go through a little bit more than the average human. I’m always looking for ways to keep my lips healthy and soft, because it is so easy to damage them. I have been wanting to try a lip scrub for a while now and finally thought to pick one up at Lush.

The bubblegum lip scrub is very easy to use. You put it on and then massage it into your lips. Once you are done you lick it off and just like that you have soft lips. After you are done scrubbing be sure to use your favorite lip balm to keep your lips from getting chapped. It exfoliates your lips and prepares them for your favorite lip color or lip balm. The scrub is gentle enough on your lips so it doesn’t scrape anything up and leaves you with soft, ready lips.

The smell of the scrub is what really sold me because it has this (almost) nostalgic bubblegum sent to it. The taste is as pleasant as the smell and reminds me of the tooth-rotting candy I loved so much as a child. It’s both a fun beauty product to have in your collection, as well as an important staple to your daily beauty routine.

This product is great because it is vegan and cruelty free so I feel very comfortable using their products on my body. As I am writing this article I have only used the lip scrub once, but my lips already feel softer and healthier. It is $9.95 and they also come in a couple other scents, which are popcorn and mint. I will definitely be adding this to my lip care routine and recommend you try it out if you feel your lips need a little extra attention.

You can order the Bubblegum Lip Scrub here, or find your nearest LUSH store here.














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