Catwoman Issue 40

I’ve realized, over the past couple of years, that my comic preferences tend to follow who I want to be. I don’t buy Batman comics because he isn’t someone I want to be, he’s someone I wouldn’t mind sleeping with. And that’s why I love Catwoman. When she’s not stealing, she’s usually dripping in jewels, attending high society parties, and sometimes sleeping with Bruce Wayne. What’s not to love? Plus she has a bunch of cats! The thing is, Fangirls, the new Catwoman is less about Catwoman, and more about Selina running crime in Gotham, and it’s a bit frustrating.


In this issue, a well planned war has broken out between the families of Gotham. Selina versus Sionis (the Black Mask), and Selina is trying to keep those closest to her safe. Her one cousin who has been there for her the most, Antonia, gets sent away for her safety, but comes back to check on Selina. She and Mason fight, but Selina comes in to save the day.


Selina also meets with the Penguin, and learns that he has stock in this family feud as well. He’s helping out who he thinks deserves it most, and it’s looking like that may be Selina. She’s gaining a couple pretty strong bonds across Gotham.

As the fighting dies down (thanks to the Penguin), Selina sons her old leather and whip, and heads into the night. She runs into Batman and he smiles (it looks like he’s approving), and that’s the end of it.


I really hope she stays in the costume. I find the gang war pieces interesting enough, but I read Catwoman for Catwoman. I get frustrated when 90% of the comic is “family business,” and only 10% has any trace of Catwoman (Selina or her replacement). I want more Catwoman in my life, DC, and a little less gang war.

All that being said, I do think this is a series worth following. It shows a side of Gotham that we usually only get Batman’s take on, from a very different point of view. It’s interesting to read, it just isn’t as focused on Catwoman as I would like.





All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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