Appdicted: GroupMe

Fangirls, today I’d like to talk about an app that I’ve been using for just over a month, GroupMe.  GroupMe is an application that spreads across operating systems, to make keeping in touch with your friends so much easier.


I downloaded GroupMe because I have friends across the country, and we all have different phone (to be honest, 5 of us have iPhones, and one has an Android, but we can pretend it’s more mixed so we don’t put her on the spot).  Anyways, these friends are some of the closest I’ve ever had.  We met just over 3 years ago, working together on the Disney College Program.  Sadly, the DCP is (on average) only 6 months.  So we got to know each other, got super close, and had to leave.  At the time, we just used Facebook to keep in contact, and never did group messages because they can get weird from iPhone to Android phones.

Then, just over a month ago, we found GroupMe.  It was great, because we could talk to each other in a messenger that wasn’t Facebook or walked-out group text messages.  It is an app that uses wifi, so be wary of that (I only answer mine when I’m in wifi because I don’t want to use up my data).  But other than that, it’s just like texting; you can send pictures and text.  An added feature is that you can “like” the things that other people send.  I enjoyed that feature, because sometimes I’m not sure what to say, so instead of trying to type something (or just saying “me too”), I could “like” somebody’s text, and not worry about it.


Whether your group of friends is across the country, or across town, GroupMe is a really great app to message each other.  It’s free and fun, and so easy to use.  I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those planning events with 3 or more people.














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