Fallout 4 Debut Trailer

asdd“War. War never changes.” Bethesda finally confirmed the rumors that have been circulating for sometime now that their newest game will in fact be a new installment in their hit game series, Fallout. 

The trailer gives you the feel that you have stepped right into the post apocalyptic world that we have grown so familiar with. Old timey 50’s music is spliced in with sound clips of new reports from when the bombs first dropped as the camera pans over a house switching between present and past when the house was pristine.

The game looks visually similar in all the right ways and still brings a lot more new things to the table as far as visuals go. I don’t get the feeling that you will be constantly in a desert-scape for the entire game. Even if you are, the landscape is breathtaking already even in just its variance.

Fallout 4Lets also not ignore that you may get a dog companion!? Can I really get excited about that? Or will the game make me choose between killing my dog and killing all of humanity? Because we all know what choice I’d make.

There seems to be a nice variance of little communities and maybe some larger cities to visit in your travels. I only wish we got some idea of any cool new weapons that might be involved but hey, Bethesda can’t lay all of their cards on the table all at once.

Check out the trailer below:

Overall the pump I have for this game is so real. I am a late arrival to the series, only dropping in for the most recent installment, Fallout: New Vegas but, I fell in love almost instantly.

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