Fangirl Fashions: Summer Lookbook

Summer time is a great time to play with your style. We are from Upstate New York so when summer comes we are itching to get out of the house and show off our coatless duds. Now is the time to come out from under our covers and show our true fashion senses. We thought that we should show a little lookbook with a couple of options for the summer time. Below are two looks that show off Emily’s and my own respective styles for the summer time.


Emily’s Look

When I think summer, Fangirls, I think bright colors and light hair.  I’ve been looking for a hair change for awhile now, and finally went through with it, thanks to the freedom of summer.  Ashley and I dyed my hair a lighter, more auburn brunette than it was, and gave me blunt bangs.  I went with a bright lip (Summer Breeze from NYX), started filling my brows with NYX’s Brunette Palette (which doesn’t even matter because you can’t see my brows with my bangs), and went with Revlon’s Charcoal pencil liner for under my eyes.

But when it came to clothing, I was a bit lost.  I grabbed an old F21 tank that went well with my lips and new hair, then paired it with a grey cardigan and black, high waisted shorts.  I was far more concerned with accessories, though, so I used my “hey girl hey” button from and a cute floral pin I got at a thrift shop, along with the arrow necklace I always wear to keep my girls Kate Bishop and Merida close to my heart.

In my look:

Eyes: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black on top, and Revlon Colorstay Pencil in Charcoal

Brows: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Brunette

Lashes: Revlon Bold Lacquer

Lips: NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze

Nails: Revlon’s Bewitching

Ashley’s Look

For this I wanted a softer look. I added a bit of powder to my brows to add a more defined strong look. With my eyes I started with using Tougher than Taupe lightly on my lid as a base. I then added Bad to the Bronze all over my lid. I decided to add a pop of summer color into the look by adding Painted Purple lightly to outer part of my eye. To complete my eye look I added mascara to my lashes. To finish up my face I added NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in London to my lips and for a little flair I painted my nails in Gilded Rose.

After I had my makeup thought out I picked a look to go with it. I decided to continue on with a neutral palette choosing  a cream lace dress with my tan oxfords. With my Jewelry I chose to add some pops of color. Since my look was all in the same color scheme I chose a turquoise crystal necklace as well as a ladybug bracelet to add some summer fun.

In my look:

Eyes: Maybellene New York Color Tattoo bye EyeStudio in 20 Painted Purple, 25 Bad to the Bronze, 35 Tough as Taupe

Brows: NYX Eyebrow cake powder in dark brown/brown

Lashes: NYX Le Chick Flick waterproof mascara

Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London

Nails: Maybelline New York Color Show nail lacquer in Gilded Rose

I encourage everyone to have fun with their looks this summer because it really is the time where you can get away with taking risks. Style is supposed to be fun as well as an expression of yourself so play around as much as you can. Do what makes you feel good and don’t let someone else dictate your appearance.

Have a fun and safe summer fangirls!















All video and images depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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