The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Issue 4

Hi, are you reading Squirrel Girl? No? Well ya should be. It’s stinking phenomenal. Recently, Squirrel Girl found out (by way of squirrel) that Galactus was on his way to devour earth. Nobody except her and all of the squirrels on earth knew, so she had to take care of it herself. Get it, SG.


So. She tried to beat him up. That did not even come close to working; she’s a tiny human and he’s a god-tier creature. She can’t handle that. So the three of them started talking (Tippy Toe is the third), and sweet little Squirrel Girl thought that would be enough to chill him out. But it wasn’t, and he went to eat earth anyways.

Then she figured it out; what if he only came to Earth because the people here will find him a better place to snack on that isn’t covered in humans? So she did. She found a planet with solely nuts on it, and took him there to get his power cosmic on. Can I get a hell yeah?

Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!

After he has a big nap, he sends her back to Earth with a present, a rad card from Deadpool’s collection made specifically for her. She’s a lucky squirrel girl.

But in class, Doreen Green finds out that her roommate, Nancy Whitehead, has discovered that Doreen is actually Squirrel Girl. It seems like a great way to strengthen their friendship, but really it could just mess everything up.


So that’s issue 4, and I’m looking over at 5 right now. I’m going to dive into that, and I highly suggest you do the same. Stay squirrelly!

















All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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