Feminerd: Hillary’s Feminist Focus

dlGtWstI spoke before about the excitement surrounding Hillary Clinton’s campaign, back before she had officially announced her candidacy. Now she’s officially her to battle it out. Whether you support her or not, it’s still pretty damn awesome that a woman running for president has so much attention and potential to win. What’s more awesome, is that she seems to be going in the right direction.

We’ve seen before when the few female candidates that have run don’t really focus too much on women’s issues. Sarah Palin did a bit, it was actually one of the only issues she stood more to the left on. But she didn’t really focus on it much, she was in support of women when it was time for her to say that she was. With Michelle Bachman, who even knows what she was all about. But with Hillary, she is putting women at the forefront of her campaign. She is not being shy about who she is representing within the American people, and what she wants for them. Regardless of what you think of her, and her stances on anything else, this is pretty damn cool.

I’m on the email list for Hillary’s campaign. Multiple times a week, they send out emails about all sorts of Hillary related things. Typically, they send out a newsletter that touches upon some issues or where Hillary stands on certain topics. These are almost always chock full of patriarchy smashing goodness. In the one I received this week, three out of the five stories in the little feed focused on feminist goodies that were traveling around the internet. In her official campaign announcement video, more than half of the American stories she was peaking into were women. Not just that, but women of color, of all different ages, and sexual orientations. She’s not just out to represent women as a whole, she’s out to represent the whole, diverse lot of us.

This is in no way saying that Hillary is the one and only choice for president, this isn’t even trying to point out that/why you should vote for her. I’m just saying, Fangirls, it’s pretty fucking sweet to have someone aiming for the top who has real equality of the genders in their goals. Never before has a presidential candidate been so gung ho about making sure women are represented. I’m hoping hard that she’ll stick to her word and deliver some promises. Plus, she’s got Beyonce on her side. hillary-clinton-beyonce



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