Music: Strange Trails // Lord Huron

1234lordhuronWe’ve talked before about the intoxicatingly good music of Lord Huron, but now after the release of another album, I’m back for more. It’s impossible for my to not touch upon this group of songs, Fangirls, it’s some of their best work yet. If you missed the boat the first time, now is your chance to experience this stuff.

The guys Lord Huron are the kings of cohesiveness. Their albums, especially this newest release Strange Trails, have such an effortless flow to them. Each song glides into the next, incorporating similar themes of sound & subject all throughout the album. It’s fucking beautiful. This isn’t an album you can shuffle around on, or even that you can mix into some other set of jams. Strange Trails is meant to be a masterpiece played from beginning to end. You can’t miss out on that flow. It makes the whole album.lord-huron-2The sound of the songs is undeniably Lord Huron. They’ve got that genre all their own, one that I can never really put into words. The only way I can really describe their music is lush. Their arrangements are so full and so lively. They either burst out of these musicians effortlessly, or taking hours of careful planning. Every note, harmony, build up, everything sounds so meticulously placed. This has always been present in their music, but their craftsmanship is on full display on this new album. From the first song, “Love Like Ghosts”, waves of sound so perfectly crash down. Floods of guitar, harmony, and that damn good percussion wash up all over. It’s that type of shit you feel all around you. The minute you hear it, you’re just thinking “Damn. This is so good.” My current obsessions of the album are “Fool for Love” and “Meet Me in the Woods”. The latter is a brilliant echo of the album’s opener. You think it would be odd to hear a lot of the same melody and such similarity in two songs on the same album, but something about it just works. It goes along with that whole cohesive grooving that they’ve got going.

Already, this is one of my favorite albums of the entire year, Fangirls. It’s just so incredible. It’s powerful in all of the right ways. Not just in the intense moments with walls of sound coming at you, but also in the quiet interludes and moments that fade you into one track from another. It all builds this album together brick by brick into a killer powerhouse. I want everyone to hear this album and adore it as much as I have been. Sometimes you find great music and want to keep it all to yourself. But instead than that, this music urges you to share it and allow to bless the fuck out of the ears that it lands on. This is the good stuff, Fangirls.

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