DIY: Corkboard Blocks

image7Sometimes you have a bunch of scraps that can happily come together to create real DIY goodness. I had a bunch of left over scrap wood, but nothing big enough to really make anything. I also had a bunch of sheets of cork board laying that I had used for another project ages ago. One good brainstorm later, the two came easily together to make a pretty nifty and helpful thing.

I had a bunch of tiny pieces of wood left over from cutting boards when I updated my old childhood bookshelf. They’ve been sitting on my basement floor since the day I made that, because I knew something useful had to come out of them. They weren’t big enough to build anything with, but I couldn’t just toss them. I also had a few sheets of cork sitting in my room seriously collecting dust. Then, I realized how I could knock out two birds with one stone; get rid of some leftover crap I have lying around, and and make something cool & useful. I added the cork board to the pieces of wood to make little cork board blocks that I could use on my desk or bedside table. This is one of the easiest things I’ve ever made. Other than the initial costs for the left over stuff, it cost me nothing. It took ten minutes, and is already proving to be so helpful.

To make this cork board blocks, you’ll just need:image1Small pieces of scrap wood
Cork board sheets
Gorilla glue

First, cut your cork to fit the wood. You could trace around the wood, but I just held it in place and cut around it. I should also note that before you even add the cork board, you could paint your wood to fit the decor of your room or office. I had thought about doing so, but decided to keep the wood as is because I like it, and also because the same wood is also present in other pieces in my room. I thought it would look good without being too matchy with colors and whatnot. Anyway, cut your cork. Be careful while cutting because this stuff tends to rip pretty easy and you can get uneven lines.

image3Then, it’s time to glue. I always go with gorilla glue because it works so damn well. It takes some patience, and pressure, but it’s worth it. Add it right on to the cork or the wood, it doesn’t matter which. Be sure to not place it too close to the edge, though, so that you don’t end up with excess glue spilling out once you press it down. This is a quick DIY if you don’t include the time you need to let your glue dry. Gorilla glue takes some time to dry, and it also needs something to apply pressure while it’s drying. I just set a big book on top of my little block and let it hang out for about an hour. Then, bam! You’ve got a nifty little cork board block.

image8I have a terrible memory, so I’ve been using these to leave notes for myself on my desk or by my bed. I use them as pieces of decor too, by adding on bits of my massive button collection. I also use it for leaving myself motivating messages. Sometimes you just need a little push, Fangirls.

image5So there you have it, Fangirls. Little cork board cuties in no time. Make them all sorts of sizes or shapes or whatever you please. I had also used some bigger pieces of wood that I had in addition to the little ones. Use them all around your house to show off any little thing you can pin to them, or to remind you to do that one thing.


Happy DIYing!


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