Yipes Stripes! Soap Sample from Fortune Cookie Soap

Fangirls, I’m still bummed about last month’s soap, “Bend Over & I’ll Show You.”  I thought I was going to be permanently scarred over soap.  I know that’s foolish, but I’m a big believer in brand loyalty.  When a brand does a dumb thing, it stinks, but I was really upset with FCS for having that soap.  Though I haven’t forgotten, Yipes Stripes! has made everything so much better.


As I’m sure many of you know, I’ve been making my way through a sample pack of soaps that I bought at Fortune Cookie Soap.  The deal is, you give them $9.95 (plus shipping and handling), and they send you 11 random bar soap samples.  If you’re lucky, Yipes Stripes! will be in there.


This adorable soap is more than just precious looking, it also smells phenomenal!  As soon as I opened up it’s little bag, I fell in love.  It makes me smell a bit like candy, and makes my skin so soft.  I shaved with it the other day, and holy crap.  I couldn’t keep my hands off of my legs.

I mentioned before, in my review of Vivid, that a soap that makes you smell like a princess is something every girl needs.  Vivid and Yipes Stripes! are the best soaps for this.  Vivid has some sparkles in it, which Yipes Stripe! doesn’t, but they’re both amazing scents.

yipesstripes3The later for this is a nice shimmery white, and the scent stays (faintly) even after you’ve rinsed.  I used it without perfume or lotion, because it made me smell good enough to eat.  Another rad thing about Yipes Stirpes!? It lasted for 7 showers and 1 hand wash, which is significantly longer than any of the other samples I’ve tried out so far.

This and Vivid are my two absolute favorite scents so far.  I definitely plan on buying the actual bar soap versions of these, once I run out of soaps (I have so many soaps, Fangirls).  Definitely give it a try; Yipes Stripes! is a fun and sweet soap, that lasts pretty darn long.

Get the Soap Bar Sample Pack here ($9.95)
Get the Yipes Stripes! Bar Soap here ($6.95)
Get the Yipes Stripes! Fortune Cookie Soap here ($3.79)









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