Albany Comic Con 2015: Summer Show

Albany Comic Con
Not my photo or even this show, just an example of the venue.

So, I know we have posted about Albany Comic Con in the past, and it almost seems silly to do so again but, the show is growing, and that is honestly pretty exciting!

In the past, the show has cost $5 for the day, and this time, it was $10. Now, hopefully this means that the show is getting bigger, and costing more, so they have to charge more admissions, and not that the show is suffering and they are struggling to keep it going and need to charge more.

Nebula and Groot were my choices this time.
Nebula and Groot were my choices this time.

Its a fun little convention. It isn’t far from home and it features a lot of retro toys, comics, Star Wars merchandise, and sometimes some hard to find things. Definitely still worth the $5 increase. I go for the Pop Vinyl figures and the opportunity to get psyched for larger cons as well as being able to do simple, mobile cosplays. This time I just threw in my black sclera contacts and went as a demon from the Supernatural universe. I can literally put on any clothes I feel like because its not like the demons have a uniform.

The other thing that was extremely notable was the influx of people there. It was super crowded and I noticed a lot of young teenagers there as well as small children which, is to be expected at such a small, cheap event. But, that being said, it is definitely time for Albany Comic Con to start seeking out a bigger venue if attendance keeps up like that because honestly it was a little too cramped for my taste.

Little improvements I noticed also speak to the growth of the convention such as a printed itinerary and an increase in the number of panels they have, even at a 1 day event.

Amazing artwork by Nikkol Jelenic

I wouldn’t be surprised if, within the next few years, they expand the event to multiple days, a larger venue, or both.

All character names and images are copyright of their original owners.


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