Coffin Hill Issue 17

Things to do: not read Coffin Hill while on a big trip in a new area.

Fangirls, I am pleased as punch to be in California right now, but holy crud is Coffin Hill a frightening book. Obviously a lot has been going on; Emma is possessing people and exacting her revenge, but it just doesn’t seem to stop! Luckily, Eve Coffin is on her case, and is working out a way to take her down.


In the beginning of the issue, Officer Annie Wilcox notices there’s a busted pipe somewhere in her wall. She breaks the tile, and instead of seeing a pipe, she finds a rather ornate, child-sized door. She’s called in for a case before she can examine it further.

The case she’s called in for seems to be the not-so-recently deceased Emma Coffin’s doing. A family has been hacked to bits, and they’re missing one member; Sean. Sean is found across the street by Eve and Annie, and before Lee takes him away, Eve asks Sean if he saw a girl who looked kind of like Eve before he woke up. His response was wide eyes and “how did you know;” clearly it’s just adding fuel to Eve’s fire.


Eve runs home to search for her grandmother’s sorting mirror, and her mother won’t help her find it. Instead, Eve’s mother shows Eve the time she and her friend Connie went to the hanging tree to ask the Coffin Witch to get rid of Andy, Connie’s unkind “imaginary” friend.

Back at Annie Wilcox’s house, Annie is checking out the bizarre little door, and finds out it leads to a small room with a ball, a bear, and a bed with a headboard that reads “Andy.”


And that’s where the issue ends. Coffin Hill is absolutely terrifying at times, and now is one of those times. It’s amazing how quickly they can scare me out of my wits, but how I still keep coming back to it. It really shows how great this book, if I (someone terrified of everything) am willing to risk the terror to read the story. So if you haven’t yet, check it out.





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