Let’s Talk About: Boosting Libido

libidoWith all this recent talk of a female Viagra on the horizon, I’ve had lady libido on my mind. You don’t need all that medication to get things going again, Fangirls. You also don’t have to be old man to struggle with keeping your sex drive alive & kicking. There are a lot of things that play into it, and there are a lot of ways to boost your libido back up. 

There is a laundry list of things that can contribute to a loss in your sex drive. Surely, age is one of them as the stereotypes like to point out. But things like depression, stress, certain medications, and your sexual health itself can all play a role in the strength of your desire, and how it translates physically. First, though, we should talk about how the sex drive really works.

Though it really seems like a mental thing most of the time, there’s a lot of scientific hubbub going on in our bodies that produce all of those sexy feelings. That scientific hubbub is called testosterone. Though we don’t often think about it, both men & women have testosterone. In women, it’s what produces a lot of the sexual stuff going on in our bodies. A woman’s body will give a surge of testosterone about mid-cycle, and this will contribute to all the future sexy time feelings. The testosterone creates blood flow to the female genitals, they become sensitive and lubricated, and bing-bam-boom, you’ll most likely do something about that and have an orgasm. Woohoo! But what if something isn’t quite right in that process? Or there are outside factors that seem to be effecting how everything works and feels? Have no fear, Fangirls, it’s normal for your sex drive to get bogged down, and there’s plenty of ways to get it bumping again without the use of medication.

First things first, relax, girl. Take some time to alleviate any stress that you’ve got going on, it’s a huge factor in killing libido. If it’s a real problem, think about how to shift things in your life to get that stress the hell out of here. Do some yoga, take a bath, do whatever you do to unwind, and do it regularly. Relaxing doesn’t need to be a treat yourself sort of thing, it should be a take care of yourself sort of thing. A great way to relax, feel confident and in turn boost your sex drive all in one is to exercise. ww-2You’ll get rid of all that stress & tension, feel badass & confident in yourself, all of which help you feel sexy enough to get back to the bedroom. Also, don’t forget to exercise your vagina itself. Doing vaginal workouts like kegels will also help increase your sex drive, and also enhance the pleasure of it all once you feel like having it. Kegels can help increase lubrication by improving the circulation of blood flow, and help you gain more efficient function and control over your vagina. They’re the best.

Boosting your libido essentially comes down to being healthy and feeling sexy. When those two things start to fade, so will your sex drive. You can’t expect to be generally unhealthy and feel like crap about yourself but somehow still want to bone a lot. It all works together, like a car. You’ve got to keep everything maintained in order for the whole thing to work properly. Exercise, eat right, wear clothes that make you feel sexy. Keep your senses alive by taking time to fully enjoy everything they’re doing, that way in the bed room you’ll get turned on easier when all of your senses are tuned into everything about your partner and the situation. One of the hardest parts of getting your libido back in action is to find the motivation to do so, and I understand that. But I believe in you, Fangirls! Everyone deserves to have incredible sex. Remembering that is the first step to bumping your sex drive through the roof.

Go get ’em, Fangirls! Relax, be healthy, feel sexy. And be safe!



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