Music: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful // Florence + The Machine

florenceI, like many people out there, adore Florence + The Machine. I think they bring something so creative to pop music. Their arrangements slay, their song writing is spot on, and we’ve missed it all over the last four years. But mope no more, Fangirls, Florence has delivered a killer powerhouse of a new album. It’s all going to be okay. 

Florence + The Machine is Florence + The Machine. They have a sound that is always unmistakably them. And though, they do play around just a bit on this album, it stays true to their sound. Their big, gorgeous sound. I’ve always appreciated the size of this band’s songs more than anything. They’ve got these giant, lush arrangements that rush up and smack you in the face. Then, every once in a while, they simplify it all and you think it won’t sound the same, but somehow it’s almost more beautiful. It’s almost frustrating how incredibly well they make music. After not feeling that power and frustration since 2011, I was ready to dive head first into this album.

The album features a lot more guitar driven songs, and I’m loving it. After it’s slow, low, and beautiful intro, it’s ever present in the second song. It cuts in out of no where, and suddenly things are grooving. This is probably my favorite song on the album. It shifts between the bands more classic sounds, pulsing straight up rock, and dreamy vocal sequences. Listen to it is intoxicating. My second favorite powerhouse track is probably, “Third Eye”, which comes a little later on the album. The stretching melody of the chorus is damn good. About half way through, it’s got this killer groove of a breakdown that seamlessly blends into a revival of the chorus. If we’re going to talk about grooving though, look no further than this album’s incredible closer. “Mother” is a real jam that twists back and forth from a steady flowing bluesy sound, then erupts into this huge, rocky chorus that’ll get your real hot & bothered. The last few minutes of it are a big growth of layering vocals and building guitar & electronic sounds.

Hot damn, is this a good album, Fangirls. I expected the best from this band given their past work, and they surely did not disappoint. This is a powerful record that I’m itching to blast out in my car. And just about everywhere. I’m not letting this album go for a while. So, go, Fangirls, go fall in love and grow attached to this seriously killer album. You deserve to rock this hard.


Also, check out this fantastic video for “What Kind of Man”! Beware, though, it is a little graphic.

All images, songs, and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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