Captain Marvel Issue 12

Fangirls, this issue has me worried.  Captain Marvel gets dropped back off at her ship by Lila, only to find her ship empty and off.  She uses her power to restart it, but can only see that Tic and Chewie have been kidnapped by the Haffensye.  Once her ship starts up again, she realizes that the Haffensye didn’t destroy it, because they wanted to kill her in the process; it was a trap.


So she destroys the attacking Haffensye ship, and starts a route to Tic.  She contacts her old friends from the first couple issues, and they try to help her, but the route she has taken goes through whats known as the “Endless Envelope,” and is too big for the space that it’s in, and therefore takes forever to cross.  What seems like a shortcut is actually going to take ten times as long as going around.

Crafts come after her from what appears to be a mining rig, and she only has one option; to go through the “Endless Envelope.”  It’s not looking like the most positive situation.

Meanwhile, Tic is a prisoner, and the Haffensye have decided that Chewie will be their weapon to take over, and once they’re done, they’ll destroy him.  And that’s why this issue has me worried.

Obviously, there was a ton of action in this issue; lots of explosions, chases, and Captain Marvel being her badass self.  It really has me biting my nails for the next one, which (luckily enough) is already out.  I can’t wait to read it, and catch up on the Captain Marvel that I am quite behind on.  Let me know how you guys are enjoying the series, and how you’re feeling about Captain Marvel.











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