Jurassic World

Jurassic World The Park is open.

This movie was so dang good. It was everything I was hoping and then some, and Chris Pratt fell perfectly into his new role and into the role of Owen. The movie was a great callback to all of it’s predecessors in both explicit and more subtle references and nods of the head to them.

I wont bother to list them all but, when even the score that I had grown up with as a child started playing, I got oddly choked up, and was instantly transformed back into a little kid, sitting in that theater.

The way the story split between the behind the scenes of the park with Claire, Mr. Masrani, Larry, and other important characters in the running of the park, and watching Zach and Gray, Claire’s nephews experience the wonder of the park as things inevitably start to go wrong behind the scenes was kind of really neat; the way they came together was seamless, too.

Indominus RexThe Indominus Rex was a really perfect antagonist in that she was so shrouded in mystery that it was hard to know what trick she would pull out next or, what could possibly take down this brutal, intelligent behemoth. It seemed that at every turn she had an answer to Owen and Claire’s efforts to at first wrangle her in and then to kill her when she began to stray closer to the populated parts of the park and people started dying.

I wont spoil how the movie ends but I will say that it does leave a definite opening for the next movies that Chris Pratt has confirmed he signed on for. I will also say that the T-Rex you see in one of the exhibits is actually the T-Rex from the original movie, 25 years later!

jurassic-world-pratt-howardI would definitely go to see it. Whether you’re an existing fan or just coming onto the bandwagon now, this movie will still be good for you, its just 1000x more enjoyable if you’ve seen at least the first Jurassic Park as, most, if not all of the references are to that film. I also heard that this movie ignore that the 2nd and 3rd movies happened which, could be true because they never make mention of anything like the San Diego incident but, they do mention how people died when the park first tried to open.

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