Appdicted: Balls

Fangirls, I know the title of this app is really silly, but it’s actually a very helpful and calming application that I want to recommend to every last one of you.


As many of you may know, I have very high anxiety.  I get panic attacks and can’t relax, and often go without sleep.  Last week I went to California all on my own, and had to deal with pre-travel stressors, along with panicking about anything that could happen on my trip.  Add in some excitement, and there was no way I was sleeping.  So I went to iTune’s App Store.  There, I found Balls, and was really excited to start playing.

Balls is a simple app.  Once it’s downloaded, you simply move your phone or tablet around, and the balls on the screen bounce.  Make sure your volume is on, too, because when the balls hit the wall or each other, they make soft little noises.  You can also swipe your finger across the screen to change the direction.


This app is so incredibly relaxing.  It helped me relax enough to get some sleep, and even helped me come down from a panic attack, which is why I think it’s something all of you Fangirls and Fanboys should check out.

One of my favorite features on the app, was that I could change the sounds the balls made as they hit each other or the wall.  There were lots of sounds to choose from, and al of them were calming; no heavy metal balls here.

Whether you have high anxiety, stress, insomnia, panic disorders, or none of the above, Balls is a phenomenal application.  I think it would be helpful on study breaks before big tests, and is great for calming your brain as you try to fall asleep.  I definitely recommend it to every single one of you out there.  Check it out, and have fun with your Balls!














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