Tank Girl Apocalypse by Alan Grant & Andy Pritchett

Fangirls, the other day I read my first Tank Girl tradepaperback. I bought it ages ago; she seemed like someone who wasn’t afraid of anything and did what she wanted, and that’s the type of story I like to read. To say I was not disappointed would be a massive understatement; I’ve fallen in love with Tank Girl.


Tank Girl: Apocalypse is about a pregnant Tank Girl. She isn’t feeling well, so her boy Booga calls a doctor, and they find out she’s pregnant. At the same time, numerous cults are predicting different ends of the world. One cult gets worried that another is right, and changes its apocalypse date to that year, and starts the signs of the apocalypse. Tank Girl’s baby to be is seen as the messiah, so the Brothers of Baal capture her and bring her to a government testing building.


There, they give Tank Girl shocks and drugs that speed up her pregnancy. By the time Sub Girl and Jet Girl (and the gang) get there to see her, she’s fit to burst! But that doesn’t stop her from getting shit done.

They find out about a safe place for the upper class to ride out the apocalypse, and haul ass there. Turns out it’s on Mars, and everyone is already there. They give everyone some strong cocaine and acid, and lock them in a room together. And then the contractions start.

Tank Girl has her baby (a literal tank girl, gathered by Tank Girl’s Tank), and the apocalypse has killed everyone on earth. Continuity is the next guy’s problem.


I loved this. I loved how raw and grungy all of it was, and how dang tough the ladies were. It was incredibly raunchy, and is intended for mature audiences, but if you’re in that category, you need to get this in your hands. I’ll definitely be picking up more Tank Girl next time I’m in the shop, and urge you to do so as well!














All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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