Loot Crate Unboxing

Hey Fangirls!  This month I got my first Loot Crate, and I was super excited about it!  I ordered what (I believe) they referred to as a “Spare Parts” box; a box without a theme, filled with random items.  I was definitely not disappointed, and as you can see in the video after the break, really excited about everything I ended up with!


The first thing I got was a cute little figure from 10DOH!, which really confused me.  I didn’t know what the feet and hands were at first, so I thought it was an actual game, which really wouldn’t have helped me at all.  Turns out it’s a precious little game personified, complete with blaster!

Next up, I got a rad Dead Rising 3 figure (Loot Crate exclusive).  Instead of it being a human figure, this item is one of the weapons you can build in Dead Rising 3.  I got really excited for this, because even though I’m not huge into gaming (especially fps), I have played a couple of the Dead Rising Games.  So even though it isn’t something that I’m crazy into, it’s something I’m familiar with.

Then, I ended up with a sweet Assassin’s Creed Unity Coin.  Similarly with the DR3 item, Assassins Creed isn’t one of my favorites, it is one I’m familiar with.  It’s one of my stepdad’s favorite games, so I get to watch & try it sometimes.  I think it’s a really neat concept, because the entire universe is playable.

I also got a Deception themed Hexbug.  I like the Transformers, a lot.  I think the Decepticons are really badass, so I am glad I ended up with one of those boys in HexBug form.

One of my absolute favorite items was a Comic Notebook that comes with panels, so you can sketch your life into the panels.  I think it’s really neat, and maybe it’ll get me drawing more.


One of the funniest items I got, was a Captain America Air Freshener.  I don’t drive, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hang the scent of Freedom (just kidding, it’s vanilla) somewhere in my room.

I also got some comic and game downloads, along with War Heads, both of which (I believe) are in every LC.  And that was my loot!  I really enjoyed getting this, I got pumped to open it, and am really excited to use the stuff I got.














All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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