Black Widow Issue 14

Oh Natasha. You sweet and terrifying creature, what will you not get yourself into? For those who haven’t been keeping up (c’mon Fangirls, you’ve gotta be reading this book!) Natasha Romanov, aka Black Widow, is on the trail of a group of jerks known as Chaos. They attacked her home and now she’s tracking them down.


And boy was she off to a strong start. Last issue she took down Rashid, and in this one she scares the crud out of another, but she gets clever enough to get all of the Chaos accountants in one place to mess them all up. It seemed to be going well, until she blew a hole in the wall.

So she gathered all of the awful people whose job it was to make her life hell, and then revealed herself. She was looking for answers, which can be incredibly frustrating, but then she threw a grenade at the door, and let in all of the guards. She kicked and punched her way through a bunch of them, but when she got out onto the deck of the cruise ship they took out, she ran into someone she wasn’t expecting. Someone invisible.


Now, I’m not master of the Marvel Universe, cinematic or otherwise, so I have no clue who this dude is. I say dude because the shape shown looked extremely male, and the only character in the Marvel Universe with invisibility that I’m aware of is Sue Storm and this definitely didn’t look like her.

This dude knocked her off the ship, and then an explosive was thrown at her, and that’s the way the issue ended. Not to be too punny, but Natasha may be in over her head. I’m scared for her, and as beautiful as Noto’s art is, it isn’t making me feel better in the slightest. I’m worried for the Widow, and to be honest, I don’t think I’m the only one.


In the middle of the issue, Director Hill finally visits Isaiah in the hospital. They talk about the politics of her being there, and the danger and all that nonsense, and then Director Hill admits something I was not consciously expecting; she’s afraid of Natasha. Now, I would be scared of her too, but I could never be director of SHIELD. To see that one of the most powerful characters is frightened of our girl Nat, but Chaos is ready to attack her repeatedly, is a pretty terrifying thought. It shows just how brutal they are, and I’m really worried for her.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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