Playlist: Pride Supreme

2000px-Gay_flag.svgWith Pride Month in full swing and the Supreme Court set to rule on nationwide marriage equality any day now, it’s time for a proud playlist, Fangirls. Pride month is always full of celebration and fun, but with a decision this big about to happen, the festivities are bumping. And with that, you need a perfect playlist. 

Now, everyone certainly has their own gay anthem, so I made this playlist more of a quick burst of homo hits, with the ability to have your own jams be added in. I will admit, this playlist does lean a little bit more to the queer lady side, but I couldn’t help it. If Tegan and Sara isn’t quiet for your crowd, skip right ahead to the Madonna & Beyonce. Since the beginning of time, music seems to have played a huge role in the counter cultures of the gay community. Nearly every gay person I know has “that song” that pulled them right out of that closet. So now, here “that playlist”. Nothing like some Gaga and Bikini Kill to embrace your inner, or outer, gay.


So, throw on whatever makes you feel out & proud, and head to your local hub of queer culture. Which, could be your car, your bedroom, wherever you please. Just as long as your pumping this playlist, having fun, and celebrating all those homo feelings. Hopefully soon, we’ll have a lot more to celebrate.

Fingers crossed the Supreme Court makes the right decision and digs this playlist as much as I do. I hear they love Queen Bey.



All images and songs are copyright of their respective owners. 

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