How To: Prepare for Convention Season

Fangirls, Con Season is upon us! Summer is the best time to let your Fangirl flag fly; there are conventions, concerts, and all sorts of things to do that aren’t school, so let’s do them! But wait, how the hell do you get ready to deal with that?

Save Money.
Being a Fangirl is a huge expense! You’ve got comics to buy, cosplay a to prepare, hotels and convention tickets to pay for; there’s just so much. It’s really easy to say “oh I’ll just have it when the time comes” and then not actually have it. Create a saving plan for yourself; open a savings account where you put in a certain amount every week, or even start a short term CD at your local bank; I try to keep a $500 6 month account rolling over so I’m not touching that money, and it’s growing a little bit. Also be aware the conventions are expensive! Know that you’re probably going to spend a lot, so budget for food, comics, and art accordingly.

Know Where You’re Going.
There are so many conventions in the United States alone, that it’s incredibly overwhelming to try to figure out what to go to. Try not to decide on conventions last minute; that makes hotel and transportation prices skyrocket. I try to figure out exactly which conventions I want to do at the beginning of each year. That also helps me know how much to save.

Plan Your Cosplays.
I know that I like to do a cosplay each day of a convention; I have found that regular clothes feel a bit weird at New York Comic Con, so I’d rather be in costume. It’s another thing that can get expensive and frustrating when you get down to the line. I finished one of my dresses last year the night I left for NYCC. I don’t want to do that again. This year I’ve been using the Cosplanner app to help me prepare for conventions; it helps track which costumes I’m working on, how much time and money I’m putting into each. It’s a good reminder on what I need to do as well.

These are the three main things that help me prepare myself for con season. I’m also a fan of packing too far in advance and freaking the heck out the night before, but I think the list above is more useful. Please feel free to let me know any of your helpful tips on how to prepare!










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