Batwoman #38

STK659730With only 3 issues left for me to review, things are starting to close here, Fangirls. Though, you really wouldn’t be able to tell from the comic itself. But I’ve gotten used to this series being misleading. Batwoman has a few issues left to wrap things up, and here they are practically beginning a whole new story. Sigh

We know that Etrigan and Batwoman have teamed up to seek out Morgaine Le Fey, who was emerging from a shell of Clayface last time we saw her. Now, she’s broken free and has been revitalized, as those monk looking men worship her arrival. But Etrigan and Batwoman are on the job. They bust through the windows and are ready for some action. Also ready for some action is Ragman, who all of a sudden is just here and kicking ass along side the other two. Thanks to Etrigan, Fey is temporarily taken out by way of giant explosion. The group agrees to contact each other if shit starts to go down. Ragman takes Clayface to watch over him as he recovers from Morgaine emerging from him. I’m assuming what’s going on here is the uniting of this “Unknowns” group we’ve seen mention of on the covers and in the special issues. For once, somethings are starting to come together. Batwoman_38_2Meanwhile, Nocturna is still a thing. I hate her and wish it wasn’t, but I wish a lot of things in this series weren’t happening. It’s especially hard when they keep bringing in Maggie, too. Come on, DC. How can you expect me to let go if you keep bringing it up? Things get heated between the two of them, and not in the way that we all hope. hqdefaultTo my delight though, the conversation between Kate & Maggie this issue causes Kate to second guess her relationship with Natalia. Which really, she would be doing anyway if Natalia didn’t have some crazy vampire demon mind control over here. As per usual, Kate arrives home to Natalia being insane and jealous and their conversation ends with a sensual neck bite. Ugh. My heart’s with Maggie forever.

A few other things are scattered about in this issue. Morgaine le Fey does return and goes out to spook some little girl in her house, I’m not exactly sure what that’s about. And finally, the much awaited return of Elizabeth is upon us. Very briefly. At the end of the issue, Beth and Kate meet once again, though Beth tells Kate that she now goes by “Red Alice”. Which is a god awful superhero name. She seems a little spooky, but it’s clear after all of those hints that Beth will be joining Batwoman and the rest of that weird group to kick some butt. If they can make that happen before the series ends.

Who knows what will happen with this series, Fangirls. Though I really wish I did, I don’t have high hopes for the end of this series at all. It started off so strong, but has slowly been crashing and burning. At least this series can be put out of it’s misery, and perhaps my beloved Batwoman can start again sometime soon. I’ll be wrapping up Batwoman’s last two issues in a few weeks, along with starting the comic that will attempt to fill the void. Until then, let’s still hope that Maggie & Kate will get back together in the last few issues.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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