Black Canary Issue 1

Fangirls, I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Black Canary comic since it was announced a couple months ago. I remember screaming and running around my house as I fervently texted anyone who could care about how pumped I was for this, and the first issue got me even more excited.


Issue 1 came out last Wednesday, and absolutely killed it. I flipped through it at Earthworld and casually mentioned that it looks like it’s just Canary rocking out and kicking ass. And that’s what it is.

There were some themes that I definitely didn’t expect; Black Canary (alias DD) doesn’t enjoy her spot in the band, and seems only to be doing it because she’s contracted. Also, her bandmates aren’t her biggest fans. Trouble has been following their tour, and the venues don’t even want to pay the band due to damages. This is frustrating DD’s bandmates, and of course the people they’re touring for. But she’s keeping people safe, and that’s what matters to her.


Towards the end of the comic, some weird monster things show up at the concert, and after their asses have been kicked, they say “he is coming for her” and slip off. The band realizes that the monsters are referring to Ditto, the youngest (and entirely silent) member of the Black Canary band. DD decides that she’s going to take care of Ditto, and the rest of the band can care for themselves, but the band chooses instead to be trained by DD, and work together to stay safe. The issue ends with adventure hot on their heels.


Obviously, I loved it. I’m ready for more, and I’m so glad it exists. I want to go to a Black Canary concert, and see DD kick ass and just wow. The art is done by Annie Wu, and is absolutely amazing; paired with Batgirl’s work by Babs Tarr, this duo is so dangerous. If you like Batgirl, read Black Canary. If you’re not sure, read Black Canary. Basically however you feel; read Black Canary. It’s damn good.














All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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