Appdicted: Triple Jump

Fangirls, I’m not all that great at this app, but I love it.


Triple Jump is an incredibly simple game where you jump over spikes. You tap the screen to make your ball jump over them, and can jump up to three times in a row. So when you have a long line of spikes to jump over, you have to jump with little pauses in between, so your ball stays in the air.

What really drew me to Triple Jump was the colors. The background is always white, but the board you’re rolling on cycles through a couple of colors, and they’re all really nice. They’re calming colors, which is good, because now and then I get a bit frustrated with the game.


It’s fun, and like I said, I’m not great at it, but it’s a great way to pass the time. Plus, it’s free! There is room for in app purchases with ball upgrades, but you can earn coin like items to pay for ball upgrades, it just takes awhile (at least it does for me because I’m not the best at the game).


I definitely recommend this app to all of you; it’s simple and fun, and if it ends up not being for you, it was free. So check it out!






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