Music: Leon Bridges

Leon BridgesBoy, have I found something good, Fangirls. I have a real passion for good soul music, but it seems to have had it’s era, which has come and gone. However, that’s no longer the case. Leon Bridges has arrived to grace our ears with a vintage sound so classic & true it’s hard to believe this album was just released this week. 

This album is fucking brilliant. The minute I heard Coming Home, the groove hit my soul deep. It’s not very often, or often at all, that you find music being made today that sounds like this. I usually have to dig deep into the collections of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding to get this sort of stuff, but Leon Bridges has delivered a group of new songs with that same old sound. I could listen to Otis Redding’s albums over and over again, but it’s still good to hear new music that has this sort of groove. static1.squarespaceEverything about this man’s music throws back. Even his voice alone is the kind of soulful howl you’d hear some 40 or 50 years ago. On top of that, he’s backed by simple, melodic guitar, and a pumping horn section. Ugh, the horns, Fangirls. It’s what really give this music that vintage R&B flare that makes it so good and authentic. You don’t hear many horn sections arranged this way any more. The music follows a type of standard that can never get old. Surely, he’s following in the footsteps of a genre that’s already been paved, but no one hears a sound like this and thinks that it’s all been done before. Returning to this classic sound is the type of thing that’s appreciated instead.

That’s not to mention the songwriting itself. Songs of love, heartbreak, the south, the simple things. There’s nothing complicated here, everything is just smooth. From the sound to the songwriting, everything just flows out and feels so damn good. He’s got some slower jams, ones that make you want to pull your baby close and dance all around the living room. Or slow jams that make you want to lay down you head and have a cry and feel alright for being heartbroken. Or upbeat jams that make you want to jump up and cut a rug. Or upbeat jams that make you want to dance away the sorrows of a broken heart. This album covers it all in just 10 songs. That is what makes a goddamn masterpiece. An album that can reach every point and every style of groovin’ while still maintaining a cohesive sound. leon-bridgesComing Home instantly became one of my favorite albums of the year in about 30 minutes. Leon Bridges a musical force to be reckoned with, and this is only his first album. The kid’s only 25. This man will be pumping out timeless jams and resurrecting such a rich old sound for many years to come.

I want to kiss this man’s music right on the mouth. And so should you.
Leon Bridges // Coming Home




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