Looking For Alaska By John Green

Fanigrls, I have a bizarre relationship with John Green novels.  Part of me is constantly rolling my eyes at the plot similarities, and the other part of me is always hella pumped about reading his books.  He tends to favor kick ass ladies with a simple flaw, and the boys that fall in love with them.  I do adore the way the boys usually are shot down by aforementioned kick ass ladies, but he definitely has an obvious plot to many of his novels.  That being said, I expected Looking For Alaska to pull on my heartstrings.  In that way, I was not disappointed.

There are spoilers coming up.  If you haven’t read Looking For Alaska, I highly suggest you do so.  But again, spoilers coming up.

The book is broken up into two sections; before and after.  It makes it quite clear that there’s a serious event that happens over halfway through the book.  Before is rather exciting.  The main character, Miles Halter (alias Pudge), starts at a prep school, and finds himself in with an odd group, the most interesting of which is Alaska.  She is the kick ass lady.

Alaska is unafraid, regrets nothing, and lives an incredibly intense life.  Or that’s how it looks to Pudge anyways.  He falls in love with him, she has some feelings for him, but always says “thank goodness I have a boyfriend that I love,” to remind (both herself and) Pudge that she’s taken.

But then, just over halfway through the book, something happens.  Remember when I said spoilers were in this?  Here they come.

Alaska dies.  After, nothing is the same.  They don’t know if it’s suicide or not, eventually they find out that it isn’t.  I wish it came as more of a surprise to me, but I am aware of John Green’s novels, and know that the kick ass lady usually isn’t in the book at the end.  It’s hard to be surprised when that seems to be how things happen.




I do find it rather wonderful, though, that John Green’s author image is so happy, when so many of his books are incredibly sad.  Anyways, you should read Looking For Alaska even though it’s predictable and you just read spoilers.















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