Sword Art Online

Sword Art OnlineSo, I finally sat down to watch the notorious “fan service” that is Sword Art Online and you know what? I love it.

It follows Kirito, a young guy who Beta tested a game called, you guessed it, “Sword Art Online.” When the game releases to the public, he eagerly signs on the first day but, unlike the Beta, users are unable to sign out. They think its a bug but, the developer of the game, whose name I can’t remember and isn’t all that important for where I am in the series, forces a teleport of the players to the Town of Beginnings to tell them that the only way for them to sign out and get back to the real world is to clear all 100 floors of the world. To add to it, if they die in the game, they die in the real world. If anyone tries to remove their nerve gear which is what makes controlling your character feel like just your own body, it will emit a powerful electrical shock that kills them.

The concept of why they are trapped is kind of silly because really, what does this developer stand to gain from this? Like, hes gonna get arrested when the first person gets out.

Kirito and AsunaAnyway, the show is really neat because you watch Kirito get stronger and stronger, getting better gear as the story progresses. I am only a little ashamed that when Kirito and Asuna, a girl he met leading up to the first boss battle on the first floor begin to have a budding romance when they meet up again later. Asuna has become quite powerful as well, securing the Second in Command Spot in the Knights of the Blood Oath, a guild which pushes at the front lines of progress to the 100th floor. Their romance for some reason really resonated with me and still is as they are now married and fully intend on staying together, even when they get out and meet in the real world(I should mention that the game developer made everyone’s avatars look like they really do in life).

The interesting dynamic is now that its been about 2 years where I am in the series, people are used to living in this world and have taken up hobbies and professions without any effort to get out. I am not for sure if once one person makes it out, they all can, or if they all have to clear every dungeon. The lack of urgency for some people does sort of suggest its the latter. Each episode features a new quest or a different challenge that Kirito and now, Asuna must overcome even when they were on vacation from The Knights of the Blood Oath and the front lines.

Currently, I am watching Kirito, Asuna, and many other players trying to clear the dungeon boss on the 75th floor and right now, it isn’t going well.

All characters and images are copyright of their original owners.


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