Appdicted: Airbnb

airbnb-new-logo-belo-feeldesain6I’ll be honest, I found this app and knew that it was an amazing tool. Though I haven’t really used it for it’s true purpose yet, I adore it. I have more fun on it than what is probably intended for it’s users, but whatever. I’m having a blast. Travel is a wonderful thing, Fangirls, and when you’re much to broke to afford it, you can live vicariously through this app. When you can afford it, it’s a perfect resource. 

Over the last few weeks, Airbnb seems to have taken off. I heard about it once, saw it a few times after than, then suddenly it was everywhere. Commercials, online, people talking about it, using it. It’s everywhere. And for a good reason. Airbnb deserves your love.

Here’s what it does. Airbnb has created a whole other class of lodging for travel. It sounds a little ambitious, I know. But it’s the truth, and it’s awesome. Say you’d like to take a trip. A hotel might not be for you; They’re expensive, and they’re really only good for people who are going to be there a lot. But you’re going on a super awesome trip, you’re not going to be around. You’re also not the richest person in the world, or are looking for a way to cut some extra costs on your trip. Enter Airbnb. You type in the city where you’re visiting and get a giant list of results. What are these results? These are listings for peoples homes, or a room they may have in their home. They’ve opened it up for rent for travelers like you to enjoy a place to stay, for a reasonable price, and with a real experience to boot. IMG_4296Wait, what? Yeah, I get it you’re staying in a strangers house and it’s weird, but you’ll get over it. We need to have a lot more faith in the kindness of the human race. I promise these people are only hear to host you and make themselves a little money in the process. So. You can stay in people’s houses. They might be there along with you, they might not. It may be their entire house, it may be a guest room. How each host handles it is different. You can search for these places just by location, and then also filter it through amenities you’re looking for, a price range, etc. IMG_4297What seems to be the same across the board is that these hosts will welcome you into their home, make you feel comfortable, and be the best travel guide ever for you because this is their home. If you’re traveling to Bilbao, Spain, who else will give you the best advice on where to go than a local?

The best part, is the price. Sure, it’ll get just as expensive as a hotel if you stay in a real fancy home. Or choose one of the unique homes that they have (homes of noteable people, uniquely built homes, etc). But if you choose to stay in a room of a run of the mill flat or house in the location you’re headed to, it’s so damn cheap. You can save yourself so much money, while probably adding experience to your trip, using this app.

If you’re like me and don’t have money to travel right now but like to dream about it, youIMG_4295 (2) can search through places for hours and make a dream list.
I’ll look up places in all sorts of locations all over the world. But don’t forget, there’s plenty of “domestic” places to stay with Airbnb too, it doesn’t have to be an exotic getaway. You can use it on a business trip to Cleveland. You can use this app seriously everywhere, they’ve got listings nearly everywhere you could think of. But if you can’t afford those places yet, you can just scroll endlessly and dream about all the fun you would have in Barcelona.

So get to downloading, Fangirls! And traveling, and having way too much fun just messing around on this app. But also planning the trip of your dreams.




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