The Duff Movie

I have a strong love for “bad” teen movies and romantic comedies. It’s something that I get ragged on for occasionally, but everyone is allowed at least one guilty pleasure. I find comfort in silly movies with cliché story lines, secondhand embarrassment, and occasionally problematic moments. Going into The Duff I thought that it was going to be the basic “ugly” girl (who is in no way ugly at all) gets a make over and finds herself. The kind of story from my childhood, like in She’s All That or The Princes Diaries where young girls are told that they will only have self worth if they look a certain way. It wasn’t that way it had a little more to it than what you would expect. I found myself genuinely enjoying the themes and story that played before me.

The Duff follows Bianca whose best friends Casey and Jessica are thought to be the two hottest girls in school and it is brought to Bianca’s attention by Wesley her testosterone filled jock of a neighbor that she is their D.U.F.F. Duff stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend and in the movie it is described as the friend who isn’t as hot as their friends who’s place is the messenger and gateway to the “Hot” friends. When Bianca finds this out she has a break down and cuts ties with her two best friends. She seeks the guidance of Wesley to teach her how to be seen as desirable to her crush and in turn she will help him get his Chemistry grades up.

This does not sit well with Wesley’s on-and-off-again girlfriend Madison who then sets out to make Bianca’s life a living hell by posting embracing videos of her. As the movie goes on lots of embarrassing and cliché moments happen as expected in a movie like this. In the end Bianca finds herself and embraces being the DUFF because she realizes in one way or another everyone is one.

I really loved Mae Whiteman and I think she did a great job with what she was given. She made Bianca likeable even when she was being irrational and self-destructive. As far as the cast go they were fine. It wasn’t the greatest acting in the world, but when is that expected in a teen movie? Over all I think that it was a fun and enjoyable watch. Sometimes that’s all that you want in a movie. It doesn’t always have to be award worthy or meaning full sometimes all a movie needs to be is fun.

So if you’re looking for a bit of an escape and a little fun I suggest you give The Duff movie a go.














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