Groot #1 by Jeff Loveness & Brian Kesinger

Fangirls, I think I just read the cutest comic on the planet.  Groot #1 is incredibly adorable, and I’m super ready for number 2 (which comes out today!).


So, like in many first issues, we get a little bit of an introduction to the main characters (Groot and Rocket Raccoon).  They’re trying to go to Earth (Groot’s idea), and simply can not catch a break.  Everything that can go wrong is, and it seems like there is nothing Rocket can do to make this trip, one that he really doesn’t want to take, happen smoothly.

First, their ride breaks down.  Then, their ride explodes!  Groot suggests hitchhiking (as it’s how humans on Earth do it), and they get picked up.  The gent that picks them up freaks when they’re attacked by space sharks (which are so cool, oh man), and ditches the duo after they fight off the sharks.

Look at how cool these sharks are though.
Look at how cool these sharks are though.

Then they get picked up by what looks like triplets, but they actually turn out to be Skrull.  Skrull are a not so friendly race of aliens that can change their appearance to look like just about anything; their cover is blown when one of the Skrull starts imitating Groot instead of a human.  Root and Rocket skedaddle out of the ship, and end up in a diner.

There, while ordering, they realize that they don’t really have enough units to pay for dinner, but are interrupted by the United Separatists for Shi’ar De-Empirification.  Rocket & Groot take them down, getting dinner on the house.  They nab the “ship” that the Shi’ar were flying, and quickly see that they need another new ship.

The duo ends up on a planet that is incredibly similar to Krypton, with a very similar story happening.  In this universe, though, Earth doesn’t have to deal with the Super-Baby landing, because Rocket steals his ship.  Soon after that, they get stopped by space pirates who want the bounty on Groot, so they fight.  Root takes down most of the pirates, but Rocket leaps in between him and a mega-blast that is coming towards him, and gets captured instead.  Root takes Rocket’s blaster, and heads off in search of help; but who knows how well that’ll work with his only language being “I am Groot.”


Fangirls, this comic was so fun and so exciting, I can’t wait to get my hands on Issue 2.  I usually prefer the spookier looking Groot, but this Groot is so dang adorable, I can’t not love him.  It’s a small problem, that I really don’t mind dealing with.  But if you haven’t got much of a Groot preference, you should really go grab these first 2 issues, and fall in love.














All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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