Marvel Collector Corps: Ant-Man Box

Fangirls!  Ashley and I both ordered Marvel Collector Corps boxes this month, and we got so pumped!  We both got some incredibly rad items, and are really pumped to share our treasures with you.

So the Ant-Man box includes Ant-Man’s face, all up on the box, along with a sweet collectible patch and pin.  We were a little bummed that both the patch and pin used the same design; two months ago with the Avengers box, the design on the box was the same as the pin, but the patch was different.  It would have been really neat if they had made it so all of the patches are different (maybe the villains?!) from the pins.  But Ant-Man is cool, so whatever.

This box was completely full of Ant-Mans (Ant-Men?  Who knows).  There is an exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl bobblehead, that includes the world’s smallest Funko bobblehead, along with 2 random mystery box Ant-Men.  Ashley ended up getting Yellow Jacket, and a darker looking Ant-Man, while I got a regular Ant-Man; one with his helmet, one without.

Ant-Men; small, medium, and large

There is also a cute t-shirt; it just says Ant-Man on it with a to scale Ant-Man.  It’s super silly, and I’m so into it.  And of course, there’s a variant cover of Ant-Man, issue 5, that’s exclusive to the Collector Corps.

This was my first time receiving a Marvel Collector Corps box, but Ashley’s second time.  We both really enjoyed it, and can’t wait for the next theme to be released!  Like I said before, it would have been nice if the patch and pin had different designs on them, but it’s not a big deal.  My biggest complaint is the pricing.  If you get the bi-monthly, regular subscription, I think it’s a great price.  What bums me out, though, is that there isn’t a discount for a yearly subscription.  A lot of subscription boxes will give you discounts for subscribing up-front for longer; Collector Corps does not do that.

That being said, I still think it’s an amazing box, and am super ready for the next theme to be announced (fingers crossed it’s Peggy Carter; there hasn’t been much show for females in these boxes yet).















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