Nerds Gotta Eat: Mr. Freeze’s Nectarine Dreamsicles

IMG_4318On these hot summer days, such a brooding villain like Mr. Freeze really needs to take some time to cool off with a sweet summery treat. With only three ingredients, these little pops are quick, inexpensive, and extra tasty. They seriously kick ice

Mr. Freeze has had a tough life, plus the rough time that all the other villains, superheros, and comic readers all give him. Everybody chill. I think he deserves a fruity frozen treat. The simple and delicious flavor of nectarine mixing with sweet cream is almost enough to make you forget that you froze your own wife in the name of science. To make these popsicles for the grumpy villain in your life, you’ll just need: IMG_43112 nectarines
1/2 cup half  & half
1/4 cup honey

Yep, that’s it. To start, pit your nectarines and chop them up into small cubes. Delight in how pretty and delicious nectarines are. IMG_4312Then, add the nectarines to a blender. This was a small enough batch for it to fit right into my Magic Bullet. Blend those bad boys up just a bit to get the ball rolling. Then, add the cream and the honey. IMG_4313Blend the mixture until it’s as smooth as you can get it. You’ll still have bits of fruit skin, though. If you don’t want that, peel them before hand. It’ll look nice and thick, almost like a smoothy. I tried something out and added a hint of vanilla, not knowing if it would be weird in the freezing process. I wanted to get more of that vanilla flavor you get with a creamsicle. It worked out just fine!

IMG_4314Once the mixture is all set, place it in some popsicle molds if you have them. I really wish I did because I think they’re the coolest. However, I just went the old school way and made some biddy pops in an ice cube tray. The cool thing about these, though, is that their thick enough to not need tin foil to hold up the toothpicks.

IMG_4316After a few hours, or after waiting overnight, tada! You’ve got the cutest little dreamy nectarine pops you’ve ever seen or tasted. That’s snow lie.

If you have 10 minutes to prep and a few hours to tuck these away in the freezer, you’re on the road to hella tasty fruity dreamy pops. Perhaps you can make them for a super cool party.



I’m sorry for all the terrible puns and all images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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